What is Latino2?

Our mission is to increase the participation of Latino(a)s in tech startups.  Moving from Tech Consumers to Tech Leaders.

Latino2 comes out of a cry for representation in Cyberlandia expressed in the loud LATISM community. Latino(a)s over index in social media, mobile and technology consumption.  However only 1.2% of V.C. funding is going to Latino(a) founders.

Latino 2 aims to reduce that gap by accelerating Latino Tech Startups through:

  • Capacity building opportunities in entrepreneurship
  • Networking with the top Venture Capitalists of the country
  • Facilitating a platform where founders can find the resources they need to move from an idea to the launch

Latino 2 is an initiative of Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) – To learn more about our organization, join our conversation on our blog – Twitter – Facebook – Google+.

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