Welcome! We’re excited about launching the LATISM | BlogHer Network to help Latinos monetize blogs and social media influence. Here are our answers to a few of the most common questions we are asked about this partnership:

– What is the LATISM | BlogHer Network?
– What does it mean to join the LATISM | BlogHer Network?
– How does it work?
– How does your advertising look and where does it go on my blog?
– Are men invited to apply?
– What if I belong to another advertising network?
– What if I do sponsored posts for someone else?
– When does it launch?

What is the LATISM | BlogHer Network?

The LATISM-BlogHer Network is the latest manifestation of a years-long partnership between our two networks: Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) and BlogHer Inc. Our inspiration came from our conversations on how to best raise the profiles of our bloggers and widen their opportunities to monetize their blogs. From a business standpoint, broadening both our bases makes a lot of sense as well, especially with the increased interest in the Latino market from brands across every market sector.

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What does it mean to join the LATISM | BlogHer Network?

LATISM and BlogHer are working together to create opportunities for Latinos to gain additional exposure for their blogs and social media influence and, if you’re interested, to be paid for your work. Network members are invited to participate in a variety of advertising and marketing initiatives with our Fortune 500 partners. When this network opens for applications in September (we don’t have an exact date yet, but we will soon), we’ll invite interested bloggers to come to the site, learn about our system and apply — please tell us if you want us to let you know when we’re open for applications We are looking for exciting voices and quality communities — learn more about our requirements for successful applicants here.

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How does it work?

The LATISM-BlogHer Network is designed to help monetize quality blogs and social media influence via:

Advertorial products that help bloggers of all sizes monetize their influence across social media. These products include sponsored discussions, product reviews, research, word-of-mouth, contests and giveaways and are paid on a per-article, per campaign basis.

Interactive advertising. Most of this advertising is sold by the cost-per-thousand-of-impressions or number of times people view the ads (CPMs). For every dollar of advertising sold on the network, we take a percentage off the top for the cost of selling, hosting, administering and producing the network and advertising campaigns, and then split the remainder with the blogger. A blogger’s revenue share starts at 50 percent of net and grows to 60 percent for bloggers whose blogs reach one million impressions or more every month.

Opportunities to cross-promote with other LATISM-BlogHer blogs to drive readership and exposure, including related headlines and links.

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How does your advertising look and where does it go on my blog? 

Members of the LATISM–BlogHer network will receive user-friendly code that fits with your blog layout. Our expert help desk can assist with ad placement and presentation “above the fold” on your blog. We’ll also survey your brand preferences to make sure we match you with the right advertising partners.

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Are men invited to apply?

Yes! BlogHer has published blogs by men for years — some of the leading blogs in our Food and Parenting networks are by men — and of course women and men in our network blog politics and business, as well as lifestyle topics. Our goal is to help LATISM raise the profile and economic empowerment of all Latino bloggers — men and women alike.

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What if I belong to another network?

Let’s talk. Because of the rich diversity of marketing programs we work on with bloggers and marketers, the LATISM-BlogHer Network needs to be the exclusive rich-media publisher for our member blogs. If you have other relationships, including with individual brands, that you think will not affect our partners, we’re happy to discuss these with you.

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What if I do sponsored posts for someone else?

Bloggers with existing sponsored content may work with the LATISM-BlogHer Network team to determine if posts are within community guidelines, or if they should be moved to a section of the blog that doesn’t display LATISM – BlogHer ads. Questions? Ask our help desk.

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When does it launch?

We’ll let you know! We’re still picking a date in September.

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