Support the It Can Wait Annual Day of Action on 9/19

Support the It Can Wait Annual Day of Action on 9/19

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We need support for the It can Wait day of action! Think of all the lives that can be saved across the country, if people wait to text instead of texting and driving.  Here are some tips  on how to help and spread the word.

We pledge not to txt & drv as we gear up for the annual #ItCanWait day of action on 9/19. Share tips for not txtng & drvng with @ItCanWait

  • Promote and empower others to use tools like #X to help end texting while driving. Here’s another sample social media post to get the word out:

Post #X in social media, emails or texts before you start the car to let others know you are behind the wheel & can’t text. #ItCanWait

  • Include information about It Can Wait through your organization’s website, blog, newsletter or email signature.
  • Encourage your family, friends, community and colleagues to download an app like the AT&T DriveMode®.
  • Share your ritual or post what you would tell a driver to not text and drive with a short video clip, meme or creative image on your social networks.

Learn more about #X and how you can get involved at

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