How does Ebola virus spread and can it be stopped?

How does Ebola virus spread and can it be stopped?

ebolaThe Ebola virus is causing major concern all over the world after it has taken hundreds of lives and put a lot of people in the hospital.  You might be wondering how does this horrible virus spread? How can it be stopped before it takes anymore lives?


By direct contact with an Ebola patient’s blood or other bodily fluids like urine, saliva, and sweat.  Someone can also get infected by handling soiled clothing or bed sheets without protection, and then touching their nose, mouth or eyes. People can also catch the disease by eating infected bushmeat, as Ebola can sicken animals including bats, chimpanzees and antelopes.

How can it be stopped?

Health workers should wear protective gear, especially when handling things like contaminated syringes.  It can be stopped by isolating anyone with symptoms while testing is done, taking precautions while providing them medical care and tracking down anyone they were in close contact with when they got sick. Those who have had direct contact with an Ebola patient are advised to take their temperature twice a day for three weeks, the incubation period for the disease. If they show symptoms, they should then be isolated and tested.

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