Why I Homeschool

Why I Homeschool

homeschoolHome schooling has been around for years, but now more people are looking at home schooling as an alternative for better education.  For parents that can’t afford to send their kids to private schools teaching their kids at home is the best alternative.

Amy Thornton-Kelly, a mom who home schools her three children was enlightened with the idea of staying home and teaching her children.  Kelly,  says she couldn’t stop thinking up more reasons to do it. “Alleviating stress, seeking a healthier environment, and searching for a more profound learning process became the next most pressing reasons for us to homeschool.”  

It is important to understand the dynamics of homeschooling some people may think that children might lack the social interactions that other children in school get.  Kelly states her children are with other kids all the time (in extracurricular classes, homeschool group settings, and at playdates), they are not missing out on social interactions.

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