Vitamin E May Harm, or Help, Your Lungs

Vitamin E May Harm, or Help, Your Lungs

MARCELA-VITAMIN-E-ins1Researchers have recently gathered information on the effects on Vitamin E in the lungs.  They concluded the form of the vitamin called gamma tocopherol, the kind in corn, canola and soybean oils, was linked to poor lung function in adults. But another form of the vitamin more typically found in olive and sunflower oils, called alpha tocopherol, seemed to have a beneficial effect on the lungs.

Patients need further education on Vitamin E’s source and formulation.  Vitamin E is considered a powerful antioxidant and it plays a role in Cardiovascular and Neurological health.

Dr. Cook-Mills said that many studies have focused on vitamin E’s role as an antioxidant while neglecting the contrasting effects of alpha and gamma tocopherol on inflammation.  Consumers should always research the Vitamins they are taking and doctors should explain the effects of each Vitamin.

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