This Startup Wants to Turn Your Old Electronics Into Solid Gold

This Startup Wants to Turn Your Old Electronics Into Solid Gold

Have you ever wondered where your old electronics end up? Are they recycled or simply thrown away at some local dump?

According to the United Nations, About 50 million tons of electronic waste were generated worldwide in 2012.  The same report predicted that number would grow to 65.4 million tons of e-waste by 2017.   Some of this waste is refurbished and recycled ,but that doesn’t happen all across the board.  There is a bigger issue at hand where E-waste is no recycled.

The leftover E-waste that isn’t recycled is dumped into landfills around the world, where often it’s incinerated, leaching toxic chemicals into the environment.

What kind of problems can this present for communities where these chemicals go into the water system?

For instance in Guiyu, China, there has been found a dumping ground for electronics  and studies have found alarming high levels of led in children’s blood streams.  There is a dire need for clean up projects and  Priv Bradoo and her co-founder Bryce Goodman started BlueOak an  “above the ground recovery”.  Unfortunately there is a business around dumping this e-waste and mining companies gain profits by extracting these metals.  Corporations also invest money when they buy these materials and mold them.

The BlueOak project is bringing more attention to the E-waste we have around the world and hopefully it can bring other tech conscious advocates on board and the change can really begin.

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