Spurring Student Success: It’s More Than Academics

Spurring Student Success: It’s More Than Academics

StudentMotivationStudent’s success goes beyond the school years and teachers and parents must always keep that present.

Why is it harder now to motivate students to do well in school today than in earlier years?

Researchers such as Stanford University’s Carol S. Dweck, Angela L. Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania, and others, more educators—and researchers—have come to believe that strategies for motivating students are within reach. 

Schools and foundations are testing other levers to keep students motivated and doing well in school. At Da Vinci Science High School in Los Angeles, for example, educators are emphasizing “productive failure”—the idea that students benefit from failing and then learning to recover as they work hard to master the concepts that eluded them.  In New York City the Posse Foundation assembles peer groups to support urban, college-bound students as they make the often-difficult transition from high school to college and then graduation.  Scholarships are used to motivate students in some High schools.  

Although there are lots of programs and incentives used to help students, Still of the 3.8 million students who entered 9th grade in fall 2008, about 760,000 did not graduate on time.

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