LULAC Detected Herbalife’s Deceptive Business Practices

LULAC Detected Herbalife’s Deceptive Business Practices

LULACLULAC has done an exceptional job at protecting the civil and financial rights of the Latino community. They have investigated a multi-level marketing company known as Herbalife. Their investigation was sparked by claims that were brought to their attention. LULAC performed an extensive investigation, and through their research they detected that Herbalife had been recruiting large sums of Latinos who were under false impressions. These impressions they were recruited under implied they were going to be a part of a great “business opportunity.” The Latinos that became involved would lose their money and 90% of whom would eventually end up quitting within a year of signing up.

Other statistics that were found in this research include 88% of distributors earned no payments from Herbalife in 2013.

Sixty percent of Herbalife’s 525,000 total U.S. distributors were Latinos in 2013.

Thanks to the investigative research that LULAC brought to the public’s eye, Herbalife’s fraudulent practices were made evident.  The Latino community will have more awareness of the type of marketing strategies they use to recruit members for their schemes.  LULAC’s suspicions and confirmed findings will give Latinos a peace of mind before taking part in similar marketing companies.  We thank them for their intuitive minds and commend them for what they do for the Latino community!

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