How Not to Pay the Price for Free Wi-Fi

How Not to Pay the Price for Free Wi-Fi

We all have been guilty of using free Wi-Fi networks but, not everyone is aware of the dangers of doing so.  Passwords and user privacy can be put at stake while using free Wi-Fi and everyone should know how to keep safe.

According, to Michael Master there are four rules for staying connected and (reasonably) safe while traveling.  Making sure the website you visit has HTTPS in front of the URL this means that the page in encripted and other can’t view what you are doing.  It is important to turn on your firewall and turn off file sharing.  The second tip is to use a VPN which  ecrypts all your online traffic,this also routes that activity through whoever owns the VPN.  The third tip is signing up for a Two-step verification.  The last tip is to bring only the devices that you need when you are travelling and turn off the ones you are not using.

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