Are you a heavy drinker? You’d be surprised

Are you a heavy drinker? You’d be surprised

liverPeople’s definitions of being a heavy drinker vary, but how much does a person have to drink to be considered a heavy drinker?

Women are considered “heavy drinkers” if they have eight or more drinks a week, according to the CDC. Men can have 14. At 15, you, my friend, are a “heavy drinker “in the eyes of the CDC.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says  One in 10 deaths among adults between the ages of 20 and 64 are due to excessive alcohol consumption.  An approximated 88,000 people die a year as a result of drinking too much. The majority of those are men — about 70%.

The risks of associated to being a heavy drinker are problems with your liver, throat, larynx and esophagus. It can lead to high blood pressure, psychological problems, and pancreatitis. It even puts you at an increased risk for becoming a victim of violence.  With all of these risks people continue to drink excessively, some even having a few drinks a day not classifying themselves as heavy drinkers.

Here are some ways to cut back on drinking

1) Think about what it does to your waistline. On a typical night out, women in one study consumed 1,000 calories in alcohol alone. 

2) Don’t rely on willpower — control your environment to limit your exposure to alcohol. 

3) Replace drinking with another activity, like playing tennis or watching a movie with friends. 

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