Half of American adults hacked this year

Half of American adults hacked this year

cyberCyber breaches are an online epidemic and anyone’s account can be hacked.

The exact number of exposed accounts is hard to pin down, because some companies — such as AOL(AOL) and eBay (EBAYFortune 500) — aren’t fully transparent about the details of their cyber breaches.

Why are more accounts being hacked now more than ever?

Shopping, banking and socializing are now chiefly digital endeavors for many people. Stores rely on the Internet to conduct and process all transactions. As a result, your data is everywhere: on your phone, laptop, work PC, website servers and countless retailers’ computer networks.

Hackers can get their hands on numerous hacking weapons because they are cheap.  The spend years studying corporate networks before they make an attack.

People can avoid being hacked by changing their passwords and not using personal information as their password.  Making purchases on cell phones is not the best idea.  Shopping online with prepaid cards instead of credit cards can save people a lot of trouble.

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