U.S. Latino youth at risk of losing linguistic heritage

U.S. Latino youth at risk of losing linguistic heritage

bilingualAre Hispanics loosing their native tongue?  Do Spanish speaking families stress the importance of speaking both Spanish and English Fluently?  Research indicates that With 53 million Hispanics living in the United States, Spanish is the second-most-important language in the country and the growth of the Latino population will continue fostering its use as part of the national culture, politics and economy.

Spanish speaking children learn to speak the language at home but this  does not mean that they are bilingual.

Cubillos Velez, the creator of a new learning system, Brain Path Language, said that bilingual people must have a certain mastery of two languages – in this case Spanish and English – and that just speaking them is not enough.  Language acquisition requires reading and writing comprehension.  Simply speaking it does not guarantee mastery.

Spanish speaking students should be encouraged to study their native language in depth.  The statistics indicate the Spanish population is growing immensely.  The more we encourage Spanish speakers to focus on learning the language the more opportunities they will have in the job market.  It is a skill to be able to be fluently and fully comprehend two languages.  Language is immensely impacted by our culture and it will open lines of communication for all Spanish speakers.

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