Education Waivers Not Necessarily Helping

Education Waivers Not Necessarily Helping

Since the No Child Left Behind Act was created by McGraw Hill and the Bush Administration, it’s been systematically destroying American public education. Now, under the Obama administration things are slowly improving but with the Department of Education now issuing waivers to various states and cities, things are getting pretty messy very fast.

The waivers are finally allowing local officials to make decisions about which schools need what resources but advocates think that the final result is that seriously at-risk schools will go off that list and the most vulnerable students will lose out. The original act lapsed in 2007 and was not renewed or updated by Congress despite calls for new legislation to improve school performance.

The problem is that the original act was a favor to the GOP backed education testing companies that were heavy Bush contributors. They reaped millions of dollars in profits over the life of the act while our kids were tested to death, local educators and districts were threatened and nothing really changed. The current waiver situation is just adding insult to injury by allowing state officials to cover up their continued failures.

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