Corporate Racial Insensitivity has a price

Corporate Racial Insensitivity has a price

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Racial slurs and insensitivity are certainly, sadly, nothing new in the U.S. But a lawsuit against Target brought by three Latinos, if it proves true, paints a rather grim picture of corporate America. One can hope that this is an isolated incident and not an issue that pervades the entire company, but the allegations are disturbing.

Robert Gonzalez, Bulmaro Fabian and Pedro Garcia-Ayala all sued Target after claiming they were fired for protesting what they saw as racially motivated abuse and one of their pieces of proof is an alleged corporate document that is more incriminating than any corporation might like to see come to light. They claim the document differentiates (in a very negative way) between people from different countries like Cuba versus Mexico.

I personally hope the men receive justice and that Target is held accountable if the charges prove true. It’s very disturbing to think that a company which has a pretty good public persona might have such an ugly private face.

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