Data Security Is a Classroom Worry, Too

Data Security Is a Classroom Worry, Too

imagesData security in classrooms is becoming a huge concern for parents and protecting their children’s identity on the web is a major concern.  Edmodo’s free software allows teachers to set up virtual classrooms where they can post homework assignments, give quizzes and use third-party apps to complement lessons.  These programs are becoming more popular in schools all around the country and schools need to make sure they are on a secure network.  Students’ identities should not be exposed on the internet and their safety should always be addressed.

Mr. Porterfield, an engineer at Cisco Systems and he noticed that Edmodo did not encrypt user sessions using a standard encryption protocol called Secure Sockets Layer.  Without the encryption he worried about the potential for a stranger to gain access to student information, and thus hypothetically be able to identify or even contact students.  School districts often issue only general notices about classroom technology, leaving many parents unaware of the practices of the online learning systems their children use.

What are ways schools can protect their students?

Administrators prevent students from entering personal data, like e-mail addresses, in their profiles. They encourage students to upload an avatar, not a photo of themselves. And the district doesn’t post grades on the site.

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