The Urban Advantage in Education

The Urban Advantage in Education

Urban areas are known for low socioeconomic conditions and poverty.  Can students that come from an urban setting have higher performance than students who come from wealthy families?

What is the urban advantage?

An “urban advantage” in student performance is evident in nearly every country and economy that participated in the PISA 2009 assessment.  PISA show that while large cities can be a challenge to educators, they are mostly a boon, particularly when all students can take advantage of the wealth of cultural and social opportunities that big cities offer. PISA results also show that schools in urban areas differ from schools in less-populated areas – in ways that are usually associated with better student performance.

What are the benefits of Urban schools?

  • Urban schools are usually larger
  •  Enjoy greater responsibility for resource allocation
  •  Less likely to experience staff shortages
  •  More likely to have a higher proportion of qualified teachers
  • Higher student-teacher ratios than schools in rural areas and towns, especially in partner countries and economies

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