Stress Can Encourage Good Habits Too

Stress Can Encourage Good Habits Too

Everyone struggles with stress sometimes, but the way you deal with stress is what makes the difference.  What are your behaviors when you are under a lot of stress? Do you snack on junk food? Do you go shopping? If you partake in these behaviors they can be indicators of stress in your life.

Using your strengths and skills to manage stress can be one of the most effective techniques to combat stress.  Scientists have been conducting research at the University of Southern California (USC) and published their findings in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Wendy Wood professor of Psychology at USC says “When we try to change our behavior, we strategize about our motivation and self-control. But what we should be thinking about instead is how to set up new habits. Habits persist even when we’re tired and don’t have the energy to exert self-control.”

One of the most important pieces of the research done is the concept that our health is significantly impacted by our learned habits.  If we consistently participate in unhealthy behaviors this will have long term negative effects in our lives.

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