Your Future Is NOW

Your Future Is NOW

Moving up a path can be negative or positive, depending on the situation.

Rising unemployment is negative.

Rising employment is positive.

Everyone in politics realizes that Hispanics have finally crossed the line into political Nirvana.

One particular observer, Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle has put it best in a recent article.

Joe Garofoli stated, “A record 31 Latinos will take their seats in Congress next year, with California sending nine, the most of any state. Even though Latinos voted 71 percent for President Obama, experts say it is possible for either party to capture the loyalty of the growing bloc of young Latino voters.”

In 2012, 53 million Latinos made up only 10 percent of the voters.

Hispanics were Obama’s key to victory back in November.

Now in days, Latinos education is better than their parents.

College enrollment for Latinos are increasing every year.

Hispanic enrollment numbers about 5,000 out of 25,000.

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