Big Wepa For Liz !!

Big Wepa For Liz !!

Our very own Liz, LATISM-NYC Co-Director is blasting the news today as she follows her dream!  Please help me congratulate La Licenciada for her tenacity, deseos de superacion and daring spirit.  We have no doubt that Liz will be successful because she has already accomplished many goals including her law degree.  This LATISM familia will support her in this new dream.  Keep making us proud Liz.

Latina lawyer-turned-actress Lisann Valentin, living in New York City is currently in lead and supporting roles in two web series. Also, she is a writer, producer, and social media consultant. She has written several short films and is the founder of the lifestyle blog

Lisa is to star in the an independent film name Made From Scratch as the role of Victoria Alvarado, a successful executive who secretly struggles with her sexuality.


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