First-Ever Top Bloguera Retreat: The Official LATISM Recap [Part 1]

First-Ever Top Bloguera Retreat: The Official LATISM Recap [Part 1]

Working in the online social media space for the past four years, LATISM is known for groundbreaking initiatives that maximize online tools while strengthening the community offline. We’re decidedly not shy about taking seemingly impossible leaps. So when the crazy idea of bringing the top Latina bloggers in the country to the nation’s capital, we jumped head over tacones!

So why now, and why only Latinas?

While we’ve always developed initiatives that are non-gender specific, we can’t deny the fact that Latina Bloggers represent some of the most vibrant and vocal yet least visible bloggers out there. This is a group that has truly embraced the power of online and social media and run with it, to the point that organic coalitions have started to develop around common themes/issues. Yet, we saw the need for further developing leadership, negotiation and business skills within their ranks. There is no reason why a top Latina blogger shouldn’t have the same access to voice opinions and obtain compensation at the industry level.

At the same time, as you know, social causes and civic engagement are at the core of what we do, and we partner with many organizations and corporations that have a social component to their business. What we started to notice is that the social good component is usually missing in our entrepreneurial community. Combining these elements as part of the retreat experience helped us show the bloggers the many ways in which they can help bring about more positive outcomes for themselves, for their businesses, as well as for the community at large.

We wanted to help accelerate this progress because the minute our bloggers flourish, the whole community will flourish. Of course, this event is just a first step in that direction: we’d love to see a more established industry, more equal opportunities, and this event becoming the epicenter for the top female voices of the Latino community.

The most painful part, for us on the organizing and selection teams was, of course, having to choose among our dear blogueras! There are so many talented, hardworking, and diverse voices in our community, we had a really hard time picking just 65!  We will be forever grateful to our organizing partners at Latina Bloggers Connect and the incomparable Ana Flores, and to the leaders in our sister communities who were part of our selection team: Yoli Mason from Las Blogueras, Jeannette Kaplun from Blogs de mamás and Angélica Pérez from New Latina.

These amazing leaders exemplify the very best part of the retreat: A room full of successful, talented, and hardworking Latinas pledging to support and rally for one another: a sense of hermandad that is desperately needed in our community. Porque juntas PODEMOS, si señora!

Of course, no leadership program would be complete if these Latinas couldn’t exercise their power at the highest policy levels… and no trip to DC would be complete without a visit to the White House.  But, in true LATISM style, we were not content with a little photo-op and a tour, thank you very much. Day in and day out, we follow these women’s journeys thought their blogs as they talk about their concerns, their struggles, their victories and hopes for the future, and it’s about time these voices are heard by those in charge!

You think these women can speak their mind? Just online, the #TopBlogueras hashtag has reached over 40 MILLION IMPRESSIONS since we launched it last Thursday, became a US Twitter Trend last Friday, and it still going strong!! As you’ll see on a separate recap about the White House segment of the trip, they raised their voices even higher at The White House! Stay tuned for that post so you see what we mean!

In the meantime, find out who this group of inspiring Top Latina Bloggers and role models are, then go on to reading all of the blog posts and media coverage about the event below, including [GET THIS!!] a double feature in the WHITE HOUSE page about our event, in English and Spanish!! Now THAT’s what I would call a WEPA!!!

And keep your eyes right here as we unveil even more “ideas descabelladas” in the next couple of days… Because, as the song goes, LATISM no para, sigue, sigue!!

Picture Credits: Eventos VIP Pass, Blanca Stella Mejia (@Micaminar), Elianne Ramos (@ergeekgoddess)
Video Credits: Blanca Stella Mejia for LATISM

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