4/19 LATISM Twitter Party: Latinos Celebrate Earth Day!

4/19 LATISM Twitter Party: Latinos Celebrate Earth Day!

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Every year, at some point during April, the world online becomes abuzz about the day we celebrate Earth day. But, like Mother’s Day or the day to celebrate love, shouldn’t Earth Day be everyday?

Latinos are usually not perceived as being too mindful about this issue but truth is, our culture and traditions all embrace good environmental practices. On the other hand, environmental issues, as an example, clean air and the consequences of pollution in poor communities are a very important issue to Latino families as it directly affects their health.

Tonight on LATISM, we’re embracing our inner ‘Tree-Hugger” in preparation for this Sunday’s Earth Day celebrations around the world! Let’s join the global conversation to save our beautiful planet!

  • Why is the environmental awareness an important point to drive in our community?
  • Which organizations are willing and working to protect the environment and public health?
  • What are some easy steps we can take every day to support a better environment?  Share your favorite!


TIME: 9 – 11 PM

DATE: APRIL 19, 2012


TO JOIN: Visit http://www.tweetchat.com/room/latism



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