Recap and Transcript: Preserving Latino Culture LATISM Twitter Party

Recap and Transcript: Preserving Latino Culture LATISM Twitter Party

Reading about HB2281 without putting it in the proper political context, one may be tempted to think of it as a rather inconsequential law. Place it within the context of the on-going anti-immigrant sentiment in Arizona and you could get the bigger picture in the minds of its enactors: pushing their own political agenda at the expense of students, the future of knowledge and literature… and an entire culture.

Last night, the outrage of our LATISM community came out in full swing to speak up against this atrocious piece of supremacist balderdash and discuss what we, as a community, can do against this blatant assault to our literatury and cultural patrimony. You’ll find the rest of the very animated conversation in our Preserving Latino Culture LATISM Party Transcript, but here is an excerpt from the very passionate conversation:

Yes, we’re not going to take this one laying down, so here’s YOUR homework in the fight against HB2281! Help us promote proper inclusion of ALL ethnicities in the American narrative! Our children deserve it!


• @PresenteOrg petition: Banning books. Erasing History. Save Ethnic Studies in Arizona!

• Petition: Tucson School Board: Don’t lock up knowledge, return books to students now!


• Texas author and literary organizer extraordinaire Tony Diaz’s @librotraficante to deliver banished books to Arizona students in March.


• Arizona Congress People

• AZ Governor Jan Brewer’s Twitter:  @GovBrewer and FB:


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