A Special LATISM Party: Kids/Teen Health and Vaccinations

A Special LATISM Party: Kids/Teen Health and Vaccinations

While many parents know about childhood vaccines, not many know about the need to have their preteens or teens immunized. Vaccines aren’t just for babies. As kids get older, the protection provided by some of the vaccines given during childhood can begin to wear off. Older kids can also develop risks for certain infections as they enter the preteen and teen years.

This Wednesday, LATISM will hold a special Twitter party to share with parents important information about adolescent vaccines and the diseases they prevent, as well as to hear your concerns about these.

Joining us, CDC’s Janine Cory (@VaccineMomCDC), an MPH Health Communication Specialist for CDC, Latina and preteen mom to chat, ask questions and learn about the importance of getting your preteens and teens vaccinated.

Also, share with CDC your thoughts and feedback about ways you help keep your preteen and teen healthy.

Help keep our kids healthy and protected.

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