Feature Friday – Los LATISM “All-Stars”

Guest post by Juan Alanis (@juanofwords)

They’re Latino.  They’re engaging.  They’re exciting.  And they’re in a class all of their own.  Tweeters, bloggers, business owners, students and friends… esta gente tiene clase. Digging through the ranks of LATISM every week for fresh new faces to bring to you each Friday is really quite the adventure.  Somos muchos and every single one of you definitely offers a whole new world of cosas interesantes for all of us to enjoy.  So this week, I’ve put together a list of some of the most entertaining and engaging people that have recently popped up on my stream.  Son los que me han hecho reír, either with their sheer charm, their usage of Twitter humor, or their ability to pack so much punch into those 140 characters or less.  They’re what you’d call, and probably should, la crème de la crème.

Vianney Rodriguez (@sweetlifebake)
She’s definitely all about the “goodies” in life!  Whether it’s with her signature flair for bringing out the best in Latin food, at her website, or in her role of mother and wife to the “Sweet Life Gang,” comprised of husband “hubby,” daughters “Chuls” and “Pips,” and younger sister “Nina,” Vianney, more commonly known online as simply Bonnie, is one of the kindest tweeters you’ll ever meet.  No, not just because she cooks up dishes like Mexican Brownies and Mango Margaritas (which by the way… both yum, in case you’re wondering), or because she’s a regular on places like Glamour Health and Fitness Online Magazine, The Kitchn, New Latina, and TikiTiki Blog, but instead… because despite also being a student currently working towards a degree in Mexican American History, Vianney always finds the time to communicate with her Twitter friends.  A Texan by birth and the wife of a United States Army service member, Vianney is currently living in the border town of Edingburg, Texas (ironically, the same place I grew up as a kid).  How cool!  Follow her and she’s certain to make your mouth water on a regular basis.

Carla Briceño (@bixal)
Carla is a self-professed fanatic of the Hispanic language and culture.  So much so, that she only recalls a handful of times in her children’s lives when she’s actually talked to them in English.  Only “when I have been forced to,” she explains.  This gringa of Scotch-Irish descent, previously a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, during her early career, is now the cofounder of Bixal, an 8(a) certified small business that offers communications and technology services to reach and engage the growing online Hispanic Market in the U.S. and Latin America, along with her Venezuelan husband.  Online and offline she’s also the leader of a bilingual families group dedicated to preserving and celebrating the Spanish language.  Carla was born and raised in Los Angeles County and currently lives in Oakton, Virginia.  She credits her Scotch-Irish descent for her love of good beer, and can’t ever walk away from a good Mariachi! Check out her website.

Leslie Limon (@Leslie_Limon)
Another comadre initiated into the Latino cultura, Leslie Harris de Limon has not only adapted to the Hispanic way of living and doing things, she’s also packed up her entire family and moved to her husband’s hometown in Mexico.  There since October 2000, the mother of four has turned their very colorful new life into the main subject matter of her blog, Motherhood in Mexico.  “Our life in Mexico can be described as a little bit ‘I Love Lucy’ in that I am a fabulous redhead married to a handsome Latino, and a little bit ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ because we live a simpler life,” she explains herself.  But if you’re still unclear about what you’ll find when you visit her online, think beautiful pictures and words about people, places and things in Mexico, delectable recipes, and a very creative posts about all things mommy-related.  I’m jealous that I can’t be her neighbor!  Leslie también is a regular contributor to the new website Multicultural Familia. Here’s Leslie’s blog.

SACultura (@SACultura)
And back to Texas, SACultura, an offspring of the San Antonio Express-News, is undeniably the source for all things related to the Hispanic culture in San Antonio, Texas, and beyond.  This traditional print media has managed to seamlessly bring together the world of social media and hard news into one single website where Latinos are always front and center.  Their constant presence on LATISM, I’d say, has earned them an Honorary Media Mention on our Feature Friday.  Congrats and keep up the great work!

Are there any other tweeps you believe should be in this list? Is it YOU? Tell us about it in the comments below and we’ll feature them/you in an upcoming Feature Friday!!


Juan Alanis (@juanofwords) is a South Texas based writer living in Houston who owns and operates the blog www.JuanofWords.com.  You can read his brand new column at the Houston Chronicle’s La Voz de Houston:  Juan of Words – A blog by a Latino for Latinos…y Más. Also, don’t miss Juan’s hilarious misadventures, personal vlogs and random thoughts on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Juanofwords

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