4-21 LATISM Twitter Party: Latinos and the Environment

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Many think that Latinos don’t care about the environment but if you know anything about our culture, you know that we have always lived by the saying Reducir, Reutilizar, Reciclar.

Be it because of socio-economic indicators or because of our culture’s deep relationship with the earth, our histories are chockful of anecdotes about using rain water to clean the house, passing down clothes to our younger siblings or cousins, reusing containers… you name it.

Yet, while many Latinos have grown up with an environmental conscience [albeit unconsciously], we are underrepresented in the public debate on climate change and global warming.

This is very concerning, particularly because of the fact that currently, 5.5 million Latinos live near hazardous waste facilities, and that the findings of a recent report identified that 87 percent of all commercial waste facilities are located in metropolitan areas where people of color reside. Add to that the fact that most urban areas with large and growing Latino constituencies lack parks or “green spaces,” and you know we have more than little reason to be concerned.

So tonight, continuing with our green theme for April, LATISM will be celebrating Earth Day!

  • What are the top environmental concerns for Latinos and communities of color?
  • Is enough being done in terms of Latino outreach in the environmental movement?
  • How do we get more Latinos included in the environmental discourse?
  • What are some things we can do to celebrate Earth Day every day?
  • How do we raise the next generation to respect and protect the Earth?

Join us and let’s celebrate El día de la Tierra, nuestra Pachamama!

As always, bring your links, insights, and song requests, see you then!

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