Feature Friday: Earth Day Edition

On this very special Feature Friday, we honor the amazing folks who are making strides in the environmental movement, be it through a cause, a product, rocking blog content or civic engagement. Through their actions and words of inspiration, these folks remind us what should never be forgotten: Earth Day truly should be Every Day.

Our dear friend Marcela Gutiérrez (@Minsd) describes herself as a  “Spicy Enviroette, Ocean lover, Ruckus raiser, Taco Snob, Bi-Californian and Perennially in transit.” Well, we’d like to add to that “mujer de armas tomar”. For years she’s been fighting the fight for the environment at organizations like the California Sustainable Seafood Initiative Advisory Panel, Sumazi and Terra Peninsular, where she is currently the Director of Communications and Development. You can learn more about her tireless work on behalf of the ecosystem at her site.

Voto Latino (@votolatino) works to promote an enfranchised America by leveraging celebrity voices, the latest technology and youth themselves to promote change. They are doing an amazing job at bringing thousands of young Latinos into the political process and issues that affect our community, including ongoing conversations about Latinos and the environment. Their scope goes way beyond just that, though, as you can see here.

The folks behind the Earth Day Network (@earthdaynetwork) are definitely leading the charge by activating the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns like A Billion Acts of Green. A special mention goes to @matthew_y and @saritaedn, who manage their online presences, for building sustained engagement with their fans and followers. Learn more and get involved here.

New to the #latism hashtag – and for that we’re glad! – @LnkVrd is a fabulous site with LOADS of great –and much needed! -environmental information and resources en español. Visit Link Verde, practice your Spanish and please, please, please share the essential info on their pages with people in your life who are not in social media! PachaMama will thank you!


The versatile and proud patriarch of the Varela clan, Julio Varela Sr. (@papijulio) has launched a new green site: LiveSmart 360 featuring natural nutritional products that promise to help you live life smart. Varela is a relationship marketing industry veteran with over 40 years experience in companies such as IBM, Sea Pines Corporation, Network 2000 (the direct sales arm of Sprint), Puerto Rico Telecom, United Sciences of America, Genewize, and ShopToEarth. Now we know where @julito77, @vvarela1974 and @fernandovarela get it from: “de tal palo, tal astilla!

Are there any other tweeps you believe should be in this list? Is it YOU? Tell us about it in the comments belowand we’ll feature them/you in an upcoming Feature Friday!!

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