3/10 #LATISM Party: Latinos, Religion and Spirituality

Asides from politics, few topics can raise up the temperature in a room faster than that of religion and spirituality. In fact, etiquette manuals clearly point out these two as “conversational sins“, the unmentionables themes in polite, public discussions.

For us at LATISM, this is too important a topic NOT to be discussed. From the sociological standpoint, it’s been part of the national conversation for a while now, as pundits around the country try to define and understand the role of and the degree to which religious beliefs, spirituality and faith inform the daily life and politics of the Latino community.

At the same time, the Latino community in this country is leaving a stamp in the US religious landscape, both because of its rapid growth and because of the vast [and sometimes conflicting] diversity of beliefs among our population.

So at tonight’s LATISM, we’ll show the etiquette experts what is like to have a heated YET polite #LATISM convo! Bring out some [holy] water, this topic is sure to make Twitter catch on fire!

We’ll take a very respectful look at the many layers of religion, spirituality and faith: demographics, faith, the influence of the church as an institution in our community and viceversa, the politics of religion, and GASP! how the church has started to use technology to reach out to the younger demographic.

  • What are some of the characteristics of religion and spirituality in our multifaceted community?
  • Is the pulpit as an appropriate place to address social and political issues?
  • Could technology help revitalize [or revolutionize] religion/spirituality in general and more specifically, in our community?
  • And, [this question from @ReynaldoMacias]: Where is God [or the concept of a Divine being] in the life of today’s Latinos?



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