2/24 #LATISM Party: ¡Es el momento for higher education!

Americans are, reportedly, attending colleges in numerous record but discrepancies still exist especially with low-income students from all ethnic and social backgrounds. The problem becomes more complex when it comes to the Hispanic/Latino population. In fact, according to research, high school graduation rate for Hispanic students is 55% vs. 69% for non-Hispanics [Editorial Projects in Education, 2009].

Most of us agree that advancing educational achievement is key to long-term economic security for individuals and for our community at large. [We had a conversation about this last September, here is the Transcript for #latism – Education Party 9/2/2010]

However, socioeconomic factors, language barriers, the uncertainty surrounding new immigration-related laws around the country and the limited support for parents, students and teachers at the institutional level, all continue to add to the steady rise in high school dropouts, particularly in districts with large Latino populations.

Much has been written and debated about Latino education in the United States, but is there any feasible solution?

Tonight on our #LATISM Twitter party, we say: “¡Es el momento for higher education!”

We’ll focus on the high school to college transition, parental and institutional responsibilities and the dire need for more Latino educators.

–       How can we help demystify higher education for Latino parents of 1st-generation students?
–       What would be some good solutions for getting Latino youth over the gap between high school and college?
–       How can we – as parents, educators, administrators, policymakers, researchers, students and advocates – go beyond the ‘access’ conversation into a ‘completion’ conversation and, most importantly, action?

We’ll also discuss the Es El Momento campaign from Univision. With its focus on improving academic achievement among K-12 Hispanic students with a specific focus on high school graduation and college readiness, the campaign is very aligned with LATISM’s mission.



In February 2010, Univision Communications Inc. launched a comprehensive, multi-year national education initiative called Es El Momento (The Moment is Now) in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, educators and civic and community leaders from around the country. Univision’s award-winning news anchor and author @JorgeRamosNews serves as the ambassador for the Es El Momento campaign. For more information, visit the Es el momento website.

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