2/17 Latism party: Celebrating our Afro-Latino heritage!

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Although American-Latino culture in the United States is by definition, a fusion of different cultures and races, many Latinos face being classified by others as either white or black, and trying to fit into a racial classification-oriented US society.

On the other hand, despite the fact that there are over 200 million descendants of Africans today in South and Central America and the Caribbean, there are pervasive negative stereotypes about blackness abound in a region that simultaneously denies the existence of racism.

Some may argue that people of Latin American descent have a better sense of how important skin color is in the US because they usually straddle the line between white and black, but to what extent is that accurate?

Tonight on LATISM, we’ll discuss the advantages/challenges of being Latinos of African descent, the historical and present day contributions of our African ancestors, and perceptions of skin-color in present day America.

  • Do American Latinos have a self-identification problem?
  • Do we Latinos discriminate against our own based on color?
  • How does racial self-identification influence the transmission of our Latino culture to the next generation?
  • Are definitions/perceptions of race and skin color changing in America?
  • How can we bridge the gap between the African-American and Latino communities?



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