2/10 LATISM party: The LOVE Issue

© Alfonsodetomas | Dreamstime.com

Ah, el Amor… A term whose true definition has eluded even the most eloquent of poets. A feeling whose ups and downs simultaneously speak of alluring tranquility and violent dissonance. In its name, poems have been written, battles have been waged, many a ship has sunk. And yes, the word is thrown around so mindlessly nowadays, some may argue it’s lost its meaning.

Even for those who have been fortunate enough who have felt it in the purest of forms, the concept may remain an enigma.

Until tonight.

At our LATISM party, we’ll explore the topic of AMOR in its many iterations: from its affective, romantic and commercial perspectives to what may very well be its ultimate expression: One Love –the acceptance of cultural and ethnic differences, the notion that we can achieve far more together as a human race than we ever could apart.

  • What is the true definition of love?
  • Does the definition of love change based on our individual experiences?
  • How has commercialism diluted the meaning of love?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for us, as a culture, in opening up to the concept of Universal Love?

Join us, out #LATISM love fest starts at 9 pm EST!


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